WordPress and LaunchKey: Kill Passwords on Your Blog or Website

Jul 29, 2013 By Devin
LaunchKey Wordpress

Last week, LaunchKey released a free plugin for WordPress that allows users to log in without a password. By leveraging LaunchKey's OAuth service for quick and easy integration, the plugin will enable password-less log in for WordPress admins and users in a matter of minutes. Additionally, after pairing their LaunchKey account with their WordPress account, users can remove their WordPress account passwords to eliminate the security risk those passwords carry. For more information, check out our WordPress documentation for an easy installation guide.

Thank you to our early adopters for your feedback in addition to #VegasTech company 9seeds for assisting with their WP expertise. We’re in beta and would love your feedback. If you have any comments, questions or problems, please contact us at support@launchkey.com.

Finally, I thought I’d share some early feedback about the plugin: (we would love to see more!)