LaunchKey Labs: Log in and out from an Apple Watch

May 5, 2015 By Geoff

At LaunchKey, we’re always looking at innovative new ways to extend our next generation authentication technology so we were excited when we got our hands on the new Apple Watch. Even more so than a mobile phone, an interface that’s directly attached to your person like a smart watch makes for an ideal authenticator which is why our mobile development team was eager to put together a LaunchKey-Apple Watch integration.

Preview of LaunchKey White Label on Apple Watch

Others in the authentication space have merely demonstrated the ability to extend legacy 2-step authentication (OTP) to the smart watch which means their capability is limited to logging in with tokens. However with LaunchKey, not only can any internet-connected application push a login request through to the Apple Watch for passwordless login, the user can also remotely log out of that same application.

Additionally, the user or the requesting application can take advantage of LaunchKey’s multiple other authentication factors like geofencing which restricts auth requests to one or more geo-locations. The application itself can also enforce security policies through the LaunchKey API like restricting authorizations to specific time frames, users, locations, etc. None of this is possible with traditional 2-step authentication and OTP, but not only is it available with LaunchKey, it will soon be available through the Apple Watch.

But we didn’t just stop there. As the video below shows, we’ve extended this capability through to our new offering, LaunchKey White Label. In this video, you’ll see the Apple Watch being used in conjunction with Square Bank, our White Label live demo, to log in and out of the Square Bank website. This means you’ll soon be able to push real-time authentication and authorization requests to the Apple Watch using your very own mobile app, just as you can today with White Label. No need to send your users to an app with 3rd party branding — with LaunchKey White Label, you keep your users within your own branded experience.

Preview of White Label + Apple Watch

LaunchKey + Apple Watch (coming soon) from LaunchKey on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Apple Watch integration as well as other exciting developments coming out of LaunchKey Labs.

In fact, I’ll be making another blog post about using LaunchKey with offline devices soon. Just imagine how useful local offline authentication would be for everything from smart locks, to vehicles, to industrial control systems, and other air-gapped devices. Stay tuned for a demonstration.