LaunchKey Password-less Cybersecurity Happy Hour at ISC West

Apr 13, 2015 By Gabe
ISC West

At ISC West, we're presenting the first fully decentralized authentication platform capable of immunizing your organization from password breaches, eliminating credit card fraud with real-time payment authorization, and even securing physical access control systems.

If you're attending the largest security industry trade show in the U.S., you'll get the chance to see how you can secure your business and applications with the mobile devices your users already own. Stop by the LaunchKey booth, #29018, to see demos of smartphones working as multi-factor smart keys — enabling virtually any enterprise or customer-facing application to be secured without passwords.

Using authentication factors like fingerprint scan, geofencing, combination lock and others, you can give your users the power to log into any online application, verify identity, and approve transactions in real-time.

By removing passwords from your application, it will no longer be at risk of password breaches, and since LaunchKey encrypts all authentication data locally on the end user's device, LaunchKey possesses no personally identifying information within its own servers. This anonymous architecture means even a successful attack on LaunchKey can't reveal any usable data capable of compromising the security of your users.

The best part? LaunchKey is sponsoring a casual Happy Hour on Thursday, April 16th at Yardbird inside The Venetian for security professionals and integrators worn out from explaining what they do all day. We’ll be demoing all week too, and want the chance to meet other exhibitors and attendees, so sign up and meet us for a drink — or three.

LaunchKey ISC West Happy Hour

When: Thursday, April 16th, 4:00pm - 6:00pm Where: Yardbird Southern Table and Bar (Inside The Venetian, just as you exit Sands Expo area) Signup:

5 Steps to Help Prevent Identity Theft While Filing Taxes Online

Apr 2, 2015 By Gabe
Identity Footprint

The first step to prevent identity theft while filing taxes online is knowing that tax deadlines mean a feeding frenzy for identity thieves. With all the vital personal data like social security numbers and bank account number flying around the web, they’ll be looking for anyone not following basic best practices.

With over 27 million Americans filing taxes online, they know that the weeks leading up to the April 15th deadline are the best time to start phishing, monitoring coffee shops, and scanning unsecured personal home networks for personal info they can use to steal your identity.

If they get your info, they can file false returns in your name, open lines of credit, and do any other number of nasty things that are very hard to repair.

This means that you should be on high alert for identity theft in April and make sure that everything you do online is secure. Here are the most basic and effective steps you can take to avoid getting your identity stolen this tax season.

1. Secure Your Home Network

Do you have a password for your home network? The first thing you need to do is make sure your network is ...

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Rivetz Corp. Partners with LaunchKey

Jul 31, 2014 By Geoff

Did you know most modern computing devices like PCs, smartphones, and tablets come with special cryptoprocessors or "crypto chips" made specifically for the secure operation and storage of cryptographic data? This special hardware provides more security for cryptographic functionality by segregating the cryptographic operations and data from the standard operating environment.

Unfortunately, many developers and organizations are either unaware of this trusted execution technology or they lack the technical means to integrate with it. Fortunately, our friends at Rivetz are developing the infrastructure and tools to make leveraging these crypto chips easier and more accessible.

Today, Rivetz Corp. has announced a partnership with LaunchKey to provide a combined solution that offers a simple and secure way to utilize hardware protected multi-factor authentication with online services and applications. We're very excited to be working with Rivetz and we look forward to offering our combined solution in the near future. Stay tuned!

Read the full release here.

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LaunchKey and Heartbleed

Apr 25, 2014 By Devin

It has been a little more than two weeks since the SSL/TLS bug known as Heartbleed hit. LaunchKey systems utilize OpenSSL and were patched immediately after a fix was available. This was important as our systems were updated before any proof of concept code was public and well before it was even proven that certificates and keys could be obtained. After our forensic analysis, there is very little evidence that this bug was ever used against LaunchKey systems. However, as a precaution we've had to update our SSL certificates and keys. We also terminated all active sessions at the time (Monday April 7), requiring re-authentication as a precaution.

LaunchKey authentication itself was not affected by Heartbleed. In fact, while everyone needs to reset their passwords (and OTP tokens) at sites affected by Heartbleed, LaunchKey mobile users can rest easy knowing their secure credentials remain decentralized on one's mobile device.

LaunchKey is encouraging developers to update their LaunchKey API keys. Again this is a precaution, but we will be disabling applications that do not have new keys in the near future. To get new keys, simply log in to LaunchKey Dashboard.

This update process took us longer than ...

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Enterprise Software Security Management Infographic

Dec 13, 2013 By Geoff

LaunchKey was recently featured in an infographic created by our friends at Veracode. This company is the creator of the world's leading application risk management platform. What's our affiliation with Veracode? We earned VerAfied status, offered exclusively by Veracode, earlier this year. The VerAfied status validates that we have met or exceeded industry standards for security, reliability and compliance for our anonymous multi-factor authentication platform. As you know, we take security very seriously and we are committed to developing secure applications. Take a look below.

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