LaunchKey Passwordless Authentication, PyCon, and Drones, Oh My!

Apr 8, 2015 By Gabe
PyCon 2015

As a Python shop, we’re excited to introduce our passwordless authentication-as-a-service technology to our fellow developers at PyCon. LaunchKey's decentralized auth approach gives Python devs new ways to solve the challenging scenarios presented by the rising tide of password breaches and new problems that come with the growing Internet of Things.

Seeing the password as the root of security breaches, LaunchKey turns the mobile devices that people already own into smart keys capable of passwordless multi-factor authentication, real-time authorization, access control, and identity verification—all through one consolidated, anonymous platform.

There, that’s all the business speak I’ll use, but we hope to see you at PyCon. In fact, if you are up to the challenge, come by booth #310 and participate in our special PyCon contest where you can win an iPad Mini, a Pebble Smart Watch, a pair of Beats by Dre, or some sweet mini drones. I am sure you want to know more details, but all I can say is it involves our API and your dev skills, so come to the booth!

You can get an in-depth look at our REST API through the authentication flow documentation, and we have libraries and example apps on GitHub for you to work with.

You can use LaunchKey to secure any consumer-facing or enterprise application with possession, inherence, and knowledge factors of authentication such as geofencing, fingerprint scan, Bluetooth device verification, combination lock, and more.

By encrypting all personally identifying info on the end user’s device, no actionable customer data is stored on LaunchKey’s servers. If our service comes under attack, no one’s data is compromised.

Check out the passwordless login and Bitcoin escrow demos below; just download the mobile app and pair your device to start tinkering.

Passwordless Login Demo

Once you've downloaded the mobile app and paired your device, you can try out a demo of the passwordless login flow for yourself here.

Enter your username, and you’ll be prompted on your device to authorize the login. Swipe to log out. Simple, no passwords.

Group Authentication - “Escrow” Demo

This group auth demo uses Bitcoin as an example of how to involve multiple people in an authorization request to transfer money. You will need one other person to download LaunchKey and pair their device to test this functionality.

We <3 Devs

No matter what you’re working on, we’d love to hear your ideas and support your projects.

We love working with our dev community and learning about your challenges, the creative ways you're using LaunchKey, and collaborating with you to make our platform better. That’s why we keep extensive documentation and have a twitter account for support. You can also email us or sign up for our spam-free dev newsletter.

We’ll be hanging out at our exhibit booth at PyCon so come say hi if you want to talk cybersecurity or burritos.