LaunchKey Powers Local Motors Keyless Control Project

Oct 16, 2013 By Geoff
LaunchKey Local Motors

Our newest partnership is pretty fast and cool. We’re working with the folks at Local Motors in Las Vegas to power their Keyless Control Project. Local Motors is the world’s leading open-source hardware company best known for designing, manufacturing and selling crowd-sourced production vehicles.

Here’s how it works: Most private cars are unlocked and started with a single key – a simple possession factor for authentication. You have a key. It opens your car, unlatches your hatch and starts your car. That’s great. But what’s incredible about this partnership is that through Local Motors and LaunchKey’s multi-factor authentication technology, you will have a secure and convenient keyless access to your car and its controls through your smartphone.

Local Motors’ Keyless Control Project is just the first phase of our partnership. We are also working on authentication solutions to provide remote, programmable and secure car systems to further enhance driver experience, safety and security. It’s a game changer to say the least.

Here’s what Local Motors Chief Strategy Officer Justin Fishkin had to say about LaunchKey:

“LaunchKey’s innovative solutions are an ideal match for the inspired design and rapid development provided by our global community. They will be a valuable partner as we continue to bring the world’s most innovative vehicular products to market.”

LaunchKey is also collaborating with Project 100, a Las Vegas-based complete transportation system designed to let community members get rid of their car and be more connected to their neighborhood. This project is focused on getting people out and about and truly living, working and playing in their community without being tethered to their cars. This is a truly amazing endeavor that the world will be watching. In 2014, Project 100 will enter into an invite-only beta program. Stay tuned.