LaunchKey Joins iovation

Sep 6, 2016 By Geoff Sanders

Today, I’m both humbled and excited to announce that LaunchKey has been acquired by iovation, the leader in online fraud prevention and device-based authentication.

We founded LaunchKey over 4 years ago with the mission to evolve user authentication beyond the password era with a truly next-generation alternative. Together, our customers, beta testers, early adopters, white hat hackers, friends, investors and family helped the finest engineering team I’ve ever had the privilege to work with craft that very alternative.

With LaunchKey, we’ve created the world’s most advanced multi-factor authentication and realtime authorization platform that virtually any online application or system can leverage. Through a mobile auth experience that end-users love, a dynamic API and suite of tools for developers, and a powerful administrative interface, online applications and systems can leverage the mobile devices consumers already own for password-free login, realtime transaction approval, on-demand identity verification, remote access control, and more. Our unified solution was also the first to incorporate white label authenticators, multi-user authorization, remote session management, dynamic security policies, and more.

But we can be even better.

The future of user authentication is adaptive. With an ever-diversifying online landscape and a fragmented technology market, businesses and their end-users are authenticating in more places, more often, and at increasing rates. As such, both applications and their users need the ability to modify the amount or type of authentication needed in realtime. Next-generation authentication must be more than strong, it must also be smart – and that’s where iovation comes into play.

Earlier this year, I approached the founders of iovation. Their world-class antifraud solution and device reputation data stops over 300,000 fraudulent transactions every day, backed by the world’s largest global device intelligence network. It’s this exact type of device-based reputation data that LaunchKey needs to power the intelligence behind adaptive, step-up authentication.

Not only did the founders of iovation see the strategic fit with their device-based antifraud and authentication technology, adaptive authentication was on both of our product roadmaps. With this shared vision, our conversations quickly evolved into that of a much deeper strategic alignment that would best serve our customers and accelerate our common objectives now and into the future, and that’s why I’m so excited about joining the iovation team.

So what will change?

First off, our team and our resources will be quickly expanding to better and more effectively serve our customers and users to provide more robust customer support across all time zones. Secondly, we’ll be dedicating significantly more resources to research and development to accelerate product initiatives and time-to-market. Finally, we’re supercharging LaunchKey with iovation’s device intelligence and creating a dynamic authentication suite.

While these changes will make LaunchKey stronger, more reliable, and more capable, many things about LaunchKey and the way we conduct business will not change. Our founding commitment to security above all else will continue to guide our corporate ethos and the manner in which we architect and maintain our solutions. While we now have the backing, stability, and resources that comes with a company like iovation, you should continue to expect excellence in the products and services that we will continue to offer un-hindered through this transition and beyond.

This announcement is just the beginning. As part of the iovation family, we are emboldened and more capable than ever of evolving authentication beyond passwords, and making the online and digital world a safer, more secure place for everyone. For more information, take a look at the video and links below.


Geoff Sanders
Cofounder & CEO
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LaunchKey Joins iovation