Rivetz Corp. Partners with LaunchKey

Jul 31, 2014 By Geoff

Did you know most modern computing devices like PCs, smartphones, and tablets come with special cryptoprocessors or "crypto chips" made specifically for the secure operation and storage of cryptographic data? This special hardware provides more security for cryptographic functionality by segregating the cryptographic operations and data from the standard operating environment.

Unfortunately, many developers and organizations are either unaware of this trusted execution technology or they lack the technical means to integrate with it. Fortunately, our friends at Rivetz are developing the infrastructure and tools to make leveraging these crypto chips easier and more accessible.

Today, Rivetz Corp. has announced a partnership with LaunchKey to provide a combined solution that offers a simple and secure way to utilize hardware protected multi-factor authentication with online services and applications. We're very excited to be working with Rivetz and we look forward to offering our combined solution in the near future. Stay tuned!

Read the full release here.