LaunchKey's Brand New Java SDK

Sep 14, 2015 By Adam

The LaunchKey Client SDK for Java is one of LaunchKey’s original SDK clients. We are happy to announce that it recently received a full rewrite. The new LaunchKey SDK for Java was built from the ground up to provide as much flexibility as possible for high transaction implementations. At the the same time, simple factories were added that provide developers with the ability to quickly secure their Java based applications without having to get into the internal workings of the client.

This new major version of the LaunchKey SDK for Java will also be our first Long Term Support (LTS) version of the SDK. Long Term Support ensures that developers implementing this version of the SDK will be able to receive security patches and bug fixes long into the future.

The LaunchKey SDK for Java provides a simple interface for interacting with LaunchKey’s multi-factor authorization and authentication platform. The SDK provides both ease of use and extensibility to support the needs of novice to expert Java developers looking to secure their applications with a multi-factor passwordless solution.

For more information regarding the LaunchKey Java, please visit the documentation page.

Tagged: SDK API