In Honor of Movember, Introducing Share Stash

Nov 13, 2013 By Yo
LaunchKey Share Stash

LaunchKey originally stemmed from an idea at Startup Weekend in mid 2012 involving multi-person authentication. Some uses would be sharing content with someone else that should only be accessed with that other person present, or multiple people being able to sign off on a single transaction. We thought it was similar to the often-depicted "Two Man Rule" used when launching nuclear missiles with two separate launch keys, thus came the name, LaunchKey. Today, we call this feature group authentication.

In a fun little side project in honor of Movember, a movement during the month of November to increase awareness for men's health, we've built Share Stash. True to the original idea, it allows multiple people to authenticate, in this case to a shared "stash" of images. Using a technology called TogetherJS from Mozilla, two separate users are able to share a single browser session. Once both log in with their LaunchKey credentials, they'll be brought to a stash that is shared only by them. There is no need to create accounts, every combination of LaunchKey users has their own unique stash.

Share Stash is a great example of LaunchKey's unique capability to secure data with multiple individuals, and yet another example of how flexible the LaunchKey platform can be. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

LaunchKey Privacy

Jul 25, 2013 By Yo

At LaunchKey, we care a lot about privacy. This is something you've probably heard from every company right after they tell you how they've just updated their 40-page privacy policy to help protect you and your rights. Many of these same companies force users to log into their services using Facebook or LinkedIn, often in an effort to scrape personally identifying information. All the while, they are tracking every action you make on their site and affiliated sites in order to more effectively market towards you.

I'd like to explain exactly how we maintain your privacy at LaunchKey and how we go above and beyond to protect you. Let me start by alleviating any potential confusion: LaunchKey is not a traditional identity service, we're an authentication service. We'll never ask for or store your personal information.

If you're already a LaunchKey user, you may recall providing your email address when initially pairing your device. We send a confirmation email to this address in order to establish a baseline identity that provides a safe avenue for you to unpair or link new devices to your LaunchKey account with an external validator you own. Since your ...

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In Honor of Movember, Introducing Share Stash

LaunchKey Privacy