Password Survey - 84% Want Alternatives!

Aug 31, 2015 By Devin

We recently performed a survey asking respondents about passwords and attitudes towards alternatives. There we some surprising results, including the fact that more than 60% believe they have never been the victim of breach and 84% are ready for alternatives. Below you will find a sample of these findings. If you have any questions or comments regarding these results please contact us.

How many passwords would you guess that you currently have?

How do you remember your passwords?

Do you use the same passwords for multiple accounts?

Have you ever been the victim of a data breach or theft where your personal information (e.g., address, phone number, social security number, driver's license number, credit card number) was stolen?

Do you share any of your passwords?

Complete Survey Results

Fingerprint Authentication

May 6, 2014 By Devin

We are excited to announce that LaunchKey for Android has been updated to support the Samsung finger scanner. This feature is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S5, allowing anyone with this device to take advantage of password free logins secured by their fingerprint.

Starting today you can log in with your fingerprint to any site that has integrated LaunchKey. This includes WordPress sites, any site that supports OpenID (StackExchange, etc) and any additional LaunchKey integration. Developers and site owners can integrate LaunchKey today for free to enable fingerprint authentication.

To get started, simply update or download the LaunchKey for Android application and enable the Finger Scan feature. Any time a request comes in, your fingerprint will now be required to complete the login process.

Finger Print Scan Enabling Finger Print Scan Request

This is the first step LaunchKey has taken into biometrics as a factor of authentication. We applaud Samsung for opening this feature up to developers and we hope additional manufacturers take notice. We will continue to leverage all hardware, devices and features available that enable LaunchKey to build a strong multi-factor platform for our users.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this feature, please contact us!

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LaunchKey and Heartbleed

Apr 25, 2014 By Devin

It has been a little more than two weeks since the SSL/TLS bug known as Heartbleed hit. LaunchKey systems utilize OpenSSL and were patched immediately after a fix was available. This was important as our systems were updated before any proof of concept code was public and well before it was even proven that certificates and keys could be obtained. After our forensic analysis, there is very little evidence that this bug was ever used against LaunchKey systems. However, as a precaution we've had to update our SSL certificates and keys. We also terminated all active sessions at the time (Monday April 7), requiring re-authentication as a precaution.

LaunchKey authentication itself was not affected by Heartbleed. In fact, while everyone needs to reset their passwords (and OTP tokens) at sites affected by Heartbleed, LaunchKey mobile users can rest easy knowing their secure credentials remain decentralized on one's mobile device.

LaunchKey is encouraging developers to update their LaunchKey API keys. Again this is a precaution, but we will be disabling applications that do not have new keys in the near future. To get new keys, simply log in to LaunchKey Dashboard.

This update process took us longer than ...

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WordPress and LaunchKey: Kill Passwords on Your Blog or Website

Jul 29, 2013 By Devin
LaunchKey Wordpress

Last week, LaunchKey released a free plugin for WordPress that allows users to log in without a password. By leveraging LaunchKey's OAuth service for quick and easy integration, the plugin will enable password-less log in for WordPress admins and users in a matter of minutes. Additionally, after pairing their LaunchKey account with their WordPress account, users can remove their WordPress account passwords to eliminate the security risk those passwords carry. For more information, check out our WordPress documentation for an easy installation guide.

Thank you to our early adopters for your feedback in addition to #VegasTech company 9seeds for assisting with their WP expertise. We’re in beta and would love your feedback. If you have any comments, questions or problems, please contact us at

Finally, I thought I’d share some early feedback about the plugin: (we would love to see more!)

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Announcing Private Beta

May 1, 2013 By Devin

LaunchKey is pleased to announce that we are entering our Private Beta. During the month of May we will begin working with external entities to implement the LaunchKey API and Oauth service. LaunchKey will be seeking to enhance our systems and applications based on feedback while this Private Beta takes place. If you have previously requested access, you can anticipate a message from our team soon.

To learn more about our Private Beta or if you are interested in participating, please contact and be sure to visit

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